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a love meme~~ [21 Jul 2012|04:31pm]
[ mood | okay ]

((a love meme))

idea stolen from: eachtoeach

here's the details:
→ leave a comment with your username and link it in your journal, on twitter/tumblr, via carrier pidgeon, whatever.
→ people reply to your thread, anonymously or not, with how much they love you and how super cool you are.

[ mood | okay ]

i really didn't need to write an entry, but i felt the need to. you obviously said i don't need to reply back, to you, but this isn't replying back to you. i'm simply writing in my own journal, and if you somehow see this entry, then you're obviously stalking me, so don't deny it now. :) onto my reason for why i'm writing up this entry....

good for you, for calling the friendships quits, because you feel that i'm taking sides. i obviously wasn't taking sides, just because i talked to that certain someone more. if you clearly saw why i talked to them more was because you barely talked to me anymore. i tried talking to you, like old times, but it just didn't feel the same anymore, so whatever. don't blame me. and if you honestly want to break off this friendship because i'm still talking to that person, then so be it. i'm not going to stop talking to someone just because something went wrong between you two. and if you want to believe everything the other person is telling you, then so be it, too. i know the honest truth, and the way i feel. and you obviously think everything we say revolves around you, because you know, you're so very important *shakes head* get real.

in the end, you know who your true friends are, and this is the point in life that i find out who my true friends are, once again.

it was nice knowing you, and you were a great friend to me, but it's the end of what we called a friendship. good luck in your new life. goodbye. life goes on!

Buh byes! [19 Sep 2010|12:17pm]
[ mood | okay ]

If you can't see this entry then you've been cut.

If you have been cut it's either because:
1) We don't talk at all - You don't comment & I don't comment.
2) We no longer have anything in common.
3) You haven't updated in a very long time, or at all since we've been friends.
4) Or simply because you didn't comment on my friends cut entry.

Please kindly remove me off your friends list. Thanks.

I have too much going on right now, that I just don't have the desire to keep up with this on a daily basis. But, if you feel like you didn't deserve to be cut, feel free to go to my friends only entry and explain why you want to be added back.


FRiENDS CUT! [23 Apr 2010|04:37pm]
[ mood | blah ]

The friends cut I had planned to do is already done.
If you cannot see this entry, then you were cut. Please kindly take me off your friends list!

If you feel like you didn't deserve to be cut, feel free to go to my friends only entry and explain why you want to be added back.


Access denied ;; FRIENDS ONLY! [23 Nov 2003|08:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Be sure to comment if you do add me and tell me why you want to be friends! :]

Follow the RulesCollapse )

But, if you're into KPOP and a Taeyang fan, I'll most likely add you. :D

My fandom ranges, and I can talk about everything in my journal. It can range from me talking about my personal life, to things that I enjoy like Basketball (Kevin Martin and very biased about him), to anything that's related to KPOP. And I mean it, I talk a lot about KPOP especially Taeyang, so if you don't like it that -- that's all I talk about, you might not want to read ahead in my journal. I'm also very biased when it comes to Taeyang. So it's a forewarning. :)

I do not add anyone who has just made a LiveJournal, and just adding people at random to make their friends list bigger, or just adding me just because they felt the need to. I do not tolerate trolls. Have a problem with me? Take it elsewhere, I don't give a shit. Kthnxbye!

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