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Access denied ;; FRIENDS ONLY!

Be sure to comment if you do add me and tell me why you want to be friends! :]

-Keep in mind that this is my journal, so I can say whatever I want. If you don't like it, don't add me.

-If you wanna be added to my friends list, please be sure that you would read my entries and comment once in a while.

-Please make sure that we have stuff in common before you add me.

-I dOn'T LiKe PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe ThIs. <--If you type like that, I'm not going to add you. kthnx. :)

-I'm not going to add you: If U TyPe LyKe DiS.

-DO NOT add me just to make your friends list bigger. Because if you do, I have EVERY right to delete you off my list. kthnx. :)

But, if you're into KPOP and a Taeyang fan, I'll most likely add you. :D

My fandom ranges, and I can talk about everything in my journal. It can range from me talking about my personal life, to things that I enjoy like Basketball (Kevin Martin and very biased about him), to anything that's related to KPOP. And I mean it, I talk a lot about KPOP especially Taeyang, so if you don't like it that -- that's all I talk about, you might not want to read ahead in my journal. I'm also very biased when it comes to Taeyang. So it's a forewarning. :)

I do not add anyone who has just made a LiveJournal, and just adding people at random to make their friends list bigger, or just adding me just because they felt the need to. I do not tolerate trolls. Have a problem with me? Take it elsewhere, I don't give a shit. Kthnxbye!
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